RRCGB Open Show 2021

Held at Tomlinson’s on Sunday 1st August 2021

Judge: Mrs Rachel Wray










Open Show 1st August 2021 Critique – Rachel Wray

Thank you for such an enjoyable day judging at this well-run show. The ring was beautifully decorated and bonus was the weather stayed fine after a drizzly start. Thank you also to my amazing stewards Jenny and Sylvia.

I have looked forward to this appointment for such a long time and I really appreciated everyone giving me the opportunity to judge their dogs. I found all dogs were presented in clean coats and nails on feet were short but please don’t forget to include teeth cleaning as part of your show preparation regime. I would have preferred a little firmer muscle on some as well especially over the loin area. All ridges were correct. I thought the sportsmanship was excellent and was lovely to see everyone congratulate those placed above or below them in classes.


MPD: (3 ,0)

1st: BPIS , BPD :

Rhodes: Priorpark You Coda Be Mine Of Metalrock 8mnths

What a super 8mnths youngster. He is very together with lots of poise and presence. He works closely with his handler but still retains that puppy naughtiness. Loved his head, round dark eye, correct ear carriage. Balanced outline, deep brisket, good fill to front with well laid shoulders, lovely underline and firm loin for his age, excellent feet , balanced angles to quarters and he used his hocks well on the move. Was pleased to award Best puppy dog and Best puppy in show. One I shall watch with interest.

2nd:  Nelson Mrs E: Zougani Zante This 7mnth youngster not quite as mature as the class winner. Attractive head with correct ear carriage. Not quite as developed in forechest as first placed but good length of upper arm. Deep brisket and ribbed well back. Standing a little higher over the rear at the moment but still to develop in quarters. Excellent compact feet.

3rd Picton & Ince Miss H & Mr A: Priorpark Point And Click 8mnths

PD: (3 ,1)

1st Parsons Miss H : Priorpark Perfect Timing 8mnths

Two youngsters at different stages of development .. this youngster was a little long in leg to overall balance at the moment. Well balanced head with good ear placement, front still to fill and brisket to drop a little, balanced hind quarters. Compact feet well arched. Moved very well from all angles.

2nd Nelson Mrs E: Zougani Zante (see MPD)

JD: (2,0)

1st  Hewson Mr P & Mrs L C: Walamadengie Son of a Gun just over 12mnths

 Energetic teenager who was a handful for his handler today… Rich red coat in gleaming condition. Very handsome with attractive dark round eye and black pigment , deep muzzle. Neck of good length into good upper arm set well under. Foot could be a little tighter. Deep brisket and well ribbed. Would have preferred a shade more length for overall balance. Was naughty on the away and back making it difficult to assess movement .

2nd  Adderley Miss J: Tambyssa’s Shapeshifter 17mnths

Handsome head with dark kind eye and well pigmented. Presented in firm condition on body, Strong clean neck but still to fill in front and preferred upper arm on first placed, Deep brisket well ribbed back . would prefer a shade more length to second thigh to balance his quarters and still to strengthen in hock a little.

YD: (1,0)

1st  Stokes- Sanders Miss E.L :Kenxwen Walk It Talk It 16mths

Looking a little long in the leg for overall balance . Pigment excellent and round eye although would prefer a shade darker. Ears set correctly  and carried close to head. Clean through the neck to a firm topline. A little wide in forechest , deep brisket although still to develop in ribbing and underline. Excellent feet. Moved out very freely .

ND: (4, 2)

1st Stokes – Sanders Miss E.L:  Kenxwen Walk It Talk It (see YD)

2nd   Hewson Mr P & Mrs L C : Walamadengie Son Of A Gun (see JD)

I preferred many breed points on this young hound but he would not cooperate with his handler for me to assess movement today .

PGD: (3,1)

1st  Thomson Miss G : Rottzridge Top O The Class 3yrs 2mnths of good substance .Handsome head and dark pigment, dark round eye , ears carried close to head, Crested firm neck , Still to fill in front a little but deep in brisket and ribbed well back. Forelegs strong . Nice angles to hind quarters with good width across thighs which he used well on the move .

2nd Bowers: Celtics Lore’s Golden Archer At Lyonglen (imp usa) 2yrs 7mnths  Lighter frame all through than first placed. Nice planes to head and well placed ear  . Clean through the neck into well laid shoulder but would prefer more upper arm to balance the angle .Excellent Feet well shaped. Preferred the croup on first placed. Good rear angulation.  Was a little untidy on the away and back but nice in profile

MLD: (2, 1)

1st Barnard Mrs A.J :Carlincox First Encounter 4yrs 9 mnths  Dark red well presented. Round eye although would prefer darker to complement his black pigment. Deep muzzle and ears set correctly rather high but a little soft . Clean through the neck and into well laid shoulder.  Deep brisket and well ribbed back. Good width to first thigh, used his quarters well on the move.

LD:  ( 8,1)

1st RBD,  Vincent Mrs C.D. : Imola I’m Your Man At Jematti 4yrs 2 mnths No doubting this is a male .Plenty substance and bone but not overdone. Balanced head , dark round eye, black pigment, Good forechest , deep brisket well ribbed back with excellent underline, slight arch to loin and good over the croup. Balanced angles fore and aft. Nice spring to pasterns and tight well shaped feet.  Covered the ground well with an easy free stride in profile.

2nd  Piehl Mrs L: Kiromol Heaven Can Wait (AI) 2yrs  Lovely outline on this young male. Very good over the front with nice fill to forechest and deep brisket . Firm loin with slight arch to loin , excellent croup and tail carriage with balanced angles to quarters. Well handled to show his lovely easy movement. 

3rd Ashman Mr N & Mrs M: Patemalian Red Tarka At Kitaarka JW

Res  Jeffery Mrs EL: Mirengo’s Machinga At Rexgrove

OD: (7 ,2)

1st RBIS , BD ,  Davies Miss K.J: Gunthwaite Papa Don’t Preach 4yrs 4 mnths This male simply oozes breed type.and another who I will follow with interest..Loved his overall proportions and balance. Handsome head , good depth to muzzle , dark round eye well pigmented.Slight crest to strong neck into well laid shoulder, lovely forechest well filled , deep brisket well ribbed, firm loin , strong well angulated quarters with good width to thigh. Excellent feet. Powerful yet an easy free active gait on the move.

2nd   Hodge & Phillips Mesdames K&S  Ulwazi’s Born To Run First At Zsushaunna 4yrs 6 mnths Another nice male who is so well constructed fore and aft. Handsome head with correct ears held close to head, Lovely over the loin and croup, topline held firm when on the move. Moved out very well with free active stride.

3rd  Murphy & Barnes Mr A.R &Mrs K & Mrs L: Diamondridge De Niro JW ShCM

Res  Buchanan Miss A: Nehando’s Excalibur ShCM

VHC  Stokes-Sanders Miss EL: Kenxwen Walk It Talk It

SBD: (6 ,1)

1st   Barnard Mrs A.J: Carlincox First Encounter (see MLD)

2nd   Hall. Mr L & Mrs C.L:Matsushona fire Opal Of Cynami 4yrs 5 mnths  Handsome head , dark round eye.. preferred the front assembly on first placed, deep brisket and well ribbed  excellent angles to hindquarters.

3rd  Thomson Miss.G:  Rottzridge Top O The Class (see PGD)

Res   Bowers: Celtic Lores Golden Archer at Lyonglen (Imp USA)

VHC: Picton & Ince: Priorpark Point & Click

VD: (4 ,1)

1st: BVIS: BVD:   Ashman Mr N & Mrs M: Ch Eilack Kito Kijani JW ShCM 9yrs I judged this lovely boy as a youngster and pleased to see he has retained his easy free movement at 9 years old. Handsome head , clean neck and well laid shoulders . Firm topline , balanced quarters and beautiful tight feet. Presented in lovely condition and muscle.

2nd   Murphy Mr A.R.& Mrs A: Ch Amahle Mpho at Lusapho 7yrs Another nice male who presents a balanced outline. Super firm neck into well laid shoulder and excellent forechest and brisket. Lovely angles to hindquarters with excellent feet.

3rd Barnard Mrs A.J: Neketona Red Maple 9 yrs

SVD/B: no entries


MPB: (2 ,1)

1st RBPIS : BPB:  Humphrey .Mr .R :Priorpark Peaky Blinder 8mnths Liver

Liked this 8mnth Liver girls overall outline and proportions. Lovely Balanced head and good ear carriage. Excellent forechest for her age with nice angles fore and aft. Compact feet. Good over the croup and tail carriage. Lovely in profile showing a nice easy stride. Litter sister to BPIS I understand. What a super litter !.

PB: (2.,0)

1st Manning Mrs F.M & Mr A.C:  Fiadmas Coruba 11mnths

Two promising siblings and these comments apply to both .Lovely heads and proportions with good ear carriage and dark eyes.  Plenty reach of neck into well laid shoulders with a return of upper arm . Briskets of good depth for age and well ribbed . 1st placed Looking a little longer in outline than 2nd placed but nice to see the slight arch to loin. Both a little naughty on the move so difficult to assess movement today.

2nd  Doughty Mr R & Mrs T: Fiadmas Indica At Rubiltra 11mnths (see comments in first placed)

This youngster is standing a little high in the rear at the moment but as her hindquarters develop this will change. Not quite as developed in stifle as first placed.

JB: (3 ,1)

1st  Malicka Miss I: Cracovia Alma Gerdin Longridge (IMP POL) just 12mnths Another youngster who is slightly higher in rear today but still to develop in stifle and quarters . Feminine head and lovely kind dark round eye. Clean over the neck into a nicely laid shoulder.  Deep brisket and ribbed well back. Lovely compact deep feet. Moved very well from all angles.

2nd  Buchananan Miss A:  Walamadengie Little Wren just 12mnths  Darker red with black pigment. Round dark eye. Firm neck and well laid shoulder, deep brisket well ribbed back.  Good width to quarters.

YB: (4,2)

1st  Darling Steele .Miss.E:  Sonstraal Walking Sunshine With Sharufa 23mnths 

Interesting class as both bitches had many virtues but both of these girls were naughty on the away and back but in profile this girl had the better stride..Lovely head and dark round eye , ears the desired  rather high set and close to head. Clean over the neck.  She had the better length of upper arm  Well ribbed and deep brisket, feet could be a shade tighter . Nice width across thighs.

2nd  Miss L McIntosh : Benicloujam Lola Of Chagall 22mnths

Feminine head and dark eye. Firm over the neck .Preferred the fill in front on this girl, deep brisket and ribbed well back. Liked her croup and tail set and lovely feet compact and deep. Good width to thighs.

NB: (4 ,1)

1stDarling Steele Miss E:Sonstraal Walking Sunshine With Sharufa (see YB)

2nd Thompson Miss S:  Globalridge Red Coral At Sonnypride 3yrs

Very feminine head with lovely head and dark kind eye. Forechest has good fill  to front with deep brisket and ribbed well back., nice spring to pastern and good angles to hindquarters. First placed just moved out better in profile today

3rd  McIntosh Miss L: Benicloujam Lola Of Chagall 22mnths( see YB)

PGB:  (4 , 1)

1st  Mills Mrs L:Priorpark Playing It By Ear For Nzuri 2yr 4mnths

What a tough class this was as my first two I sure could change places many times.. Two really nice bitches who I see are siblings and are closely matched . Lovely shape and outline on  both  with feminine heads and nice overall balance. However today this first placed I felt has the better fill to forechest and a little more length to upper arm. She is also a little more developed over her quarters . Both were naughty on the away and back but in profile movement today this youngster had the edge on her sister and the more she moved the better she got!.

2nd  Parsons Miss H:Priorpark Pinch of Salt 2yrs 4 mnths see my notes on first placed.

3rd  Hancock Mrs K.J: Stasimelsie Mace

MLB: (4 ,1)

1st RBB: Mackfall Mr J & Mrs C :Benicloujam Aumba Breeze Of Africaner 22mnths  A beautiful class of super girls!.  This first placed impresses with her overall balance and quality. Lovey head and eye , clean through the neck into well laid shoulder, good fill to forechest and strong over the loin with slight arch  good croup and tail set. Strong quarters with good width , slight spring to pastern and tight feet.

2nd  Storey & Piehl Mr P & Mrs E & Mrs L: Kiromol Tip Toe And Go (AI) 2yrs

Another quality girl who impresses with her balance and quality and similar comments apply as for the first placed . Today I felt the fill and underline was slightly better on the first placed and she just had the edge with her forward reach in profile. But two equally nice bitches.

3rd   Adderleys Miss J: Tambyssa’s Tansy

 LB: (7 ,2)

1st Hall Mr L & Mrs C.L:  Misingi All About Me Of Cynami JW 2 yrs 9mnths

This as a difficult class as all of these girls moved well in profile but on the ups and downs were a little naughty .  Liked this bitches overall balance , feminine head with kind eye, good depth to muzzle.Clean through her neck and into shoulders. Would prefer more upper arm and a shade more fill to front . Firm over the croup and Good width to hind quarters.

2nd Adderleys Miss J:  Tambyssa’s Tansy 4yrs 8 mnths

This bitch was a little ‘aloof’ in the last class but by this class had relaxed enough to allow me to go over her. Lighter eye than preferred but overall she had a nice outline . In super condition and firm through the loin and croup, first thigh had enough width although preferred the hocks on first placed.  She moved really well when she settled.

3rd  Darling Steele Miss E: Saadani Storm Catcher With Sharufa

Res  Hicks Mr J & Mrs S: Nuthouse Some Like It Hot

OB: 8 (1)

1st BIS, BB:  Parsons Miss H: Priorpark Pot Calling Kettle Black JW .2yrs 4 mnths

Beautiful elegant bitch and another who shouts breed type and has plenty of presence which is always a plus when in a class of several nice bitches. Presents a lovely shapely outline with nothing overdone.. Beautiful head and kind dark eye ,  Clean firm neck. Nice angles over her shoulder , hindquarters balanced. Firm loin with slight arch , Croup and tail set excellent. On the move this girl was free and active with perfect foot placement . She pulled out all the stops to take BIS today and I shall watch her career with interest.  

2nd Hodge Mrs K:  Ch Colkerrin Face To The Sun JW ShCM 5yrs 11mnths

Another beautiful bitch whom I wasn’t surprised to see was a ‘titled’ lady. Loved her head and expression, nice overall shape and balance with excellent angles for and aft.. Another beautiful mover who was a pleasure to watch .

3rd  Hicks Mr J & Mrs S : Nuthouse Queen Of Clubs JW

Res  Scanlon Miss I: Kinabulas All About The Bass JW

VHC Manning Mrs F & Mr A: Fiadma Mrs Clause Nyekundo

SBB: 4(1)

1st Hall Mr L & Mrs C.L: Msingi All About Me Of Cynami JW (see LB)

2nd  Darling Steele Miss E : Walking Sunshine With Sharufa (see YB)

3rd Thompson Ms S: Globalridge Red Coral At sonnypride (see 2nd NB)

VB: 2 (0)

1st BVB: RBVIS: Bristow Mrs T:Tambyssa’s Athena 9yrs A lovely class. The first placed was a little more energetic on the move. Beautiful head with dark eye and well placed ears .Lovely distinguished frosting on her muzzle .  Very nice over the shoulder Deep brisket and lovely firm topline. Liked her croup and tail set. Well balanced quarters and excellent feet.

2nd  Scanlon Miss I :Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM VW 10yrs  This lady was a little more sedate on the move but still impresses with her beautiful head and dark pigment. Good length of upper arm, deep brisket and lovely width to first thigh. Thank you for bringing these lovely veterans today .  I was impressed with the condition they were in and in particular this lady who was the oldest exhibit today.

Brace: (4,1)

1st Mrs K Hodge  Ch Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW ShCM & Colkeririn The Sun Runhr..These two girls were like two peas in a pod and I see these are mother she has certainly passed on her good looks to her daughter. ..there was little to separate them and in particular on the move they matched each other step for step perfectly synchronized !.. 

2nd Mr L & Mrs C Hall Kenquince Pisonia of Cynami ShCM & Matsushona Fire Opal Of Cynami . Not related but well matched and gave a good performance together .

3rd Miss K.J Davies.


I would like to thank the Committee of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain for their kind invitation to judge the Special Award Classes at their Open Show, to my Rachel, my Steward, who assisted me and to all the exhibitors who entered and trusted me to go over their dogs.  I had some very tough choices to make and there were not enough cards on the table.  Temperaments and ridges were excellent, teeth on the whole were good.



A good looking puppy nearing 8 months old, lovely head with correct ear set.  Good length of neck leading on to well placed strong shoulders.  Well boned standing on excellent feet.  Good hindquarters.  Good top line, moved well around the ring.  Well handled. 


A close call between this lad and No. 1 – an 8 month old boy, head of good proportions with lovely dark eyes.  Good length of neck and well placed shoulders.  Nicely boned standing on nice tight feet.  Good hindquarters.  Moved well around the ring, well handled.




What a truly handsome and well balanced male.  A beautiful head of good proportions, good length of neck leading into well placed, strong shoulders.  Good sturdy feet.  Excellent depth of chest, well ribbed, good length of loin and correct tail set, lovely angulation.  Excellent Topline.  He moved beautifully around the ring with excellent reach and drive, very well handled.  A joy to watch.


A beautiful light wheatened well balanced male with a lovely head of good proportions and lovely dark eye.  Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders.  Very well boned with good feet.  Good length of loin and correct tail set with good rear angulation.  Moved very well around the ring, good reach and drive, excellent topline.




A Strong powerful male, masculine face, good ear set, excellent strong shoulders, good length of neck and well developed muscular back.  Excellent topline and profile outline.  Good feet.   Moved well around the ring when finally settled.


A dark red well muscled boy with overall balance.  A fine masculine head with good depth of muzzle.  Clean neck flowing into good lay of shoulder.  Good forechest, nice topline and good strong thighs,  Well constructed boy, good mover round the ring.